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Aines Chocolate Hamper on white marble setting

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Aines Chocolate hamper on white marble setting
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Aines Chocolate heart surrounded in strawberries


Our Partners

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Why Partner With Us?

Áine's Handmade Chocolate is an innovative and fast growing premium chocolate business with a reputation for consistently producing the very best in handmade chocolate. We have been family-owned and operated since 1996 ensuring a tailored service to suit every taste, occasion and event.

1. Trustworthy

Our various awards and memberships and associations show that we are operationally, ethically and financially solid - just like our cocoa.

2. Changing Consumer Trends

We are at the cusp of changing consumer trends, sugar free, gluten free and other important labels mean we listen and mostly care about the customer.

3. Highest Standard

We are proven to deliver for the highest standard driven retailers and brands on earth! 100% fulfillment for retailers - each and every time.

4. Our Production

Our production can adapt and scale to fulfill new chocolate ideas and innovations. We have the ability to quickly commercialise and fast track products.

Close up view of broken chocolate with chocolate sauce on top