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Aines Chocolate worker packing chocolate boxes

Our Vision

Aines Chocolate worker packing chocolate boxes
Aines Chocolate Team

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Aines Chocolate Team
Man pouring chocolate into chocolate mould


Man pouring chocolate into chocolate mould



Based in the beautiful, picturesque rural village community of Stradone, our business has always been very aware of our impact on the environment. We strive for best practice in all aspects of the business and nowhere is that truer than in relation to environmental impact and carbon footprint

Much like our customers, we share a passion for protecting the environment and operating mindfully in our market. This means environmental, social and governance [ESG] policy and impact is front and centre of all our key business decisions, operations and new product launches. 

This section outlines several of our operating practices and initiatives designed to drive our focus on sustainability and minimise our impact on our environment.  

Arial View of a lake in Cavan
Street Sign of Stradone, Co. Cavan
Chocolate in mould being packaged

Our Vision

Our vision is to create chocolate as it should be - mouth watering, melt-in-the-mouth magic that is made with only the purest, freshest, natural ingredients. To provide a handmade chocolate experience to consumers and corporate clients from Ireland to anywhere in the world based on quality ingredients and presentation.

Workers at Aines Chocolate laughing and packing chocolate boxes together

Proven Success

Our success will continue to be built on a number of fundamental values: 

  • We have respect for each other – all our staff and all of our customers.

  • We focus on hand made methods and quality ingredients, delivered at scale.

  • We adopt a customer orientated service based on integrity and customer service ethos.

  • We have a willingness to learn and improve every day.

  • We always bring a positive outlook.

Useful Contacts

Master chocolatier Ann Rudden has assembled a highly skilled, trained, loyal and dedicated team. This ensures the highest standards of consistency and customer service. Our team includes dedicated Quality Assurance and Customer Service experts. 

Founder, CEO & Senior Master Chocolatier


Headshot of Ann Rudden

Customer & Office Manager


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Quality Manager


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Our Partners

Close up view of broken chocolate with chocolate sauce on top